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UABB 2019 → The Pulse of Hong Kong
2019 Hong Kong
This year, UABB carries the theme “2×2: Imagine to Innovate”. Through IMAGINATION, we can place creative and forward-thinking demands in the city; INNOVATION will enable out-of-the-box advances to fulfil these demands while TECHNOLOGY, both advanced as well as traditional forms, can be the medium to bridge the two and unlock the possibilities.

The curatorial team believes the future of our city lies in the collective imagination and innovation of the people. For our key exhibit, we bring to you the “Pulse of Hong Kong”, an interactive installation that harnesses heartbeats to create fantastical visions for the city.

Hong Kong is a tapestry woven together by many nuanced threads- its people, its architecture, its landscapes… The piece celebrates the individual and their energy that brings Hong Kong to life. Pulses are collected to power the installation to create iridescent bubbles that represent the colourful spectrum in our cityscape.

Participants will hold on to the bars with heartbeat sensors until a pulse is collected. LED lights will indicate when the process is complete. The data will then control the speed of which the bubble nets are lifted from the bubble solution, and streams of bubbles will be created! The effect will be amplified when more people participate, generating bubbles of varying sizes. Participants will be immersed in the city of bubbles of their creation!

The Mills

Curatorial Team & Installation Design:
One Bite Studio

Multimedia Design & Programming: