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M7 → Mallory Tree
2021 Hong Kong
M7 (previously known as 7 Mallory Street or Comix Home Base) is a history building of almost a century old, thoughtfully revitalized by URA in 2005 to preserve architectural features from a hundred years ago, with modern structures to extend their lifetimes for contemporary usage.

The concept of a wishing tree originates from the story of a seed carried by a sparrow. In the 1950s, a banyan seed sprouted in a Tonglau flat on Mallory Street and grew into such a large tree that it poked the roof. WARE took this banyan as a symbol of life in the old days, and re-interpreted it in the form of a modern light installation.

At the bottom of the tree trunk, an interactive light seed is open for wishes. Each wish made grows the tree into hues and music in a personalised way. Musical aerial roots are also free to be touched and jam. With the wish-making tree, WARE team would like to spread blessings to its friends and families across ages and nations.

Urban Renewal Authority (URA)

Experience Design and Creative Technology:

Spatial Design:
ARTA Architects

Music Producer:

Lighting Design:
Allen Fung

Structural Engineering & Manufacturing:
Hattrick Creative

Lighting Engineer:
Andy Poon

Photography and Showreel Director:
Ho Ching Cheung

Showreel FPV Pilot:
Wong Tze Fung Thomas