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Tree of Heaven → 2022 Hong Kong-Macao Visual Art Biennale
2022 Shenzhen and Beijing, China
“Tree of Heaven” is a speculative interactive piece for a fictional future, where vegetation is highly scarce. Digital archive of plants is taken as a means for reminiscence of the lost mother nature. Comprising simulation of a natural environment, the work preserves data of the natural world and offers a space of tranquility for contemplation. It seeks its viewer’s self acceptance through appreciation of the virtual nature, thus extending to the respect for and embrace of all beings.

Tree of heaven, in botanical terms “ailanthus altissima”, is an invasive species of rapid height growth, named by its quality of “reaching the sky”. The digital art piece, seek peaceful cohabitation among its breed and the neighbours, made possible by audience’s joint efforts.

The work begins with a forest scenery in which a single shrub of tree of heaven resides. As audience enter and maunder in the space, the small tree grows in resonance, while the rest wilt. Followed by the mass wipeout, all matters are transcended into spirited form, leading to a new chapter, ‘Heaven’ — a realm of cohabitation.

In this chapter, audience’s behaviours affect the life cycles of various plant species. With their persistence in stillness impersonating plants, a wealth of biodiversity shall be re-cultivated. Mere presence of audience thrives the beauty of flora. On and beyond this virtual canvas, we invite the audience to create and experience their own heaven.